5 Types of Updates You Should Be Sharing with Your Social Media Followers

Updates You Should Be SharinYour Social Media Followers

You’ve set up a social media account on your favorite platform. You’ve been sharing posts fairly regularly, and boom! You have a social following! Well, pat yourself on the back because if you have a large number of active followers, you could consider it as a mark of your success.

People are hanging on to your words. They’re interested in what you have to say and share. A large fan following also means you’ll have a large number of people seeing your posts and, in all likelihood, share them.

In short, having a large number of online audiences can produce greater engagement and can drive traffic to your business.

Now to answer your burning question: How do you hold the attention of an often-fickle audience? Always keep in mind, you need to build relationships when using social media, so you’ve got to keep your followers entertained.

Here are a few tips on the kind of content you can share every day and how you can avoid the drought of not having anything to post to your accounts.


  1. Tell stories and don’t try to sell your product

Tell Stories to social media followers

Who doesn’t love stories? You need to look at your followers as people you’re trying to befriend. One of the ways to do this is by sharing relatable stories with them.

Tell stories each time you create content. You could start by telling your followers about your business; how it started, how your journey’s been so far, with what vision you started, in order to forge a meaningful relationship with them.

Don’t try to sell your product directly; instead tell them what made you think of this product in the first place, how it could help them and perhaps, why they should choose it. Make things easy for your readers and don’t try to give them a whole load of information to process it all at once.


  1. Use the magic of visuals

Use the magic of visuals

Human beings are visual creatures. Adding images or videos to your posts instantly attracts more visitors. Images are more captivating than a block of text.

Furthermore, live streaming events or sharing short videos to your Instagram profile can help engage frequent visitors, who are sure to check back frequently to keep up with the latest updates.


  1. Link back to your content

Every time you publish a post to your different social media accounts, always make sure you have a link attached to your post that will lead readers directly to your website.

An added bonus to this practice is that when you share quality content, you automatically increase the likelihood of getting people interested in joining your mailing list.

Another way of building lasting relationships with not just your followers, but also your competitors, is by curating quality content created by influencers in the industry.

It’s a win-win for several reasons; it’s less time consuming to curate pre-existing content as opposed to creating fresh content. It gives you a chance to stay updated with the latest trends in your industry.

Followers will start to recognize you as a reliable source of information. But most of all, you get the chance to build relationships with some of the biggest influencers in your industry.


  1. Share some personal stories

Share your Story

The best way to build trust with your followers is to tell them something about yourself. This gives your followers a sneak peek into your life outside of work and let’s face it, everyone likes to be able to connect with someone they look up to.

If your followers know a little bit about who you are, it’ll only make you more human to them, with real problems, desires, and concerns. The subtle power of “personal branding” quietly at work, here; if you know what I mean?


  1. Use poll questions

Use Poll Questions

Everyone has an opinion about everything. And if there’s one thing people want more than anything, it’s to be heard.

Everyone wants to know their opinion matters. People want to know they’re being heard and understood. Ask poll questions frequently to understand your followers better.

Ask for suggestions, ask for help when you need it, take the advice seriously and give credit wherever it’s due.

To think that you’re reaching out to your audiences and letting them know that their voices matter to you and could affect your decision making, can result in increased brand loyalty, and that’s always a good thing. Always treat your followers as your army of friends.

Have a strategy you employ with your social media followers? I’d love to hear all about it!







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