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Chat abuse in online poker is one of the important things that risk managers and the poker software maintenance team is on the lookout to avoid and ban. Since poker is a community game, players want to regularly communicate with each other. The existence of a lot of online poker forums points out the increasing importance of the chat feature, which enables players to share their views and talk with other players.

However, as every feature has its own pros and cons, this feature also can be misused. Hence this feature is not allowed to be used for any reason which would cause inconvenience to other players at the table or which would influence the game in progress or any other purpose that questions the integrity of the games or that of the poker site. Any violations would attract an appropriate action which would range from issuing a warning to the player to closing the account permanently.

The Chat Abuse cases are handled either by the Customer Service Team or by the RM & FC (Risk Management & Fraud Control) team based on the intensity of the issue.

Following are the cases handled by Customer Service Team:

  • Usage of ‘Foul language’/’Profanity’
  • Spamming or discussing about Bonus Codes.

In either of the above scenarios, after a preliminary warning or two, the Customer Service Team takes a decision to block the “Table Chat” feature for the player in question for a specific period of time.
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Following are the cases which are handled by RM & FC Team:

  • Disclosure of Pocket/Hole Cards
  • Discussing the Actions to be Taken
  • Collusion
  • Spamming
  • Advertising Any Third Party Software/Website
  • Offering Rake Back
  • Others

Typical Example of Disclosure:
Example: There are 5 players (A, B, C, D & E) playing a hand and A, B & C have folded the hand pre-flop, D & E went till the flop. The Flop was [As; Ad; Ac]. D bets $1000.00 and goes all-in and E is in a dilemma whether to call or not, as he doesn’t have the other Ace and he will lose in case D has it. If B says “I have folded an Ace” at this point and E calls the bet, it has to be considered as a Chat Abuse by B irrespective of whether B had an Ace in reality or not, as he has influenced E on calling the bet.

If a similar hand takes place in a tournament, that hand can impact the whole dynamics of the tournament and hence a decision can be taken to change the ranks of the players as well or to refund.

Chat abuse in online poker is a major issue at times to the teams handling operations, and has to be taken quite seriously to preserve the integrity and the sanctity of the game. I have seen cases where the ability to chat of a particular player has been permanently blocked by our teams due to repeated verbal abuse of other players.

Yes, we could in fact write a book or two on this particular subject! Your online poker play is meant to be fun and profits – do not let it be abused in any way by that hot-headed individual baying for your blood or that colluder out to spoil that next assured win you’ve been waiting for a long time coming – report immediately to the card room authorities if you find any such cases as mentioned above.


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