How to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

Today, online marketing is highly content-driven. Whether you are a newbie trying to make your mark in the online world or a veteran in the field, you must know well where to channelize all your efforts in order to embark on a successful marketing expedition.

Your Content Marketing Strategy must be concrete or you’ll soon find yourself floundering under pressure to keep up and no knowledge of what to mend. If you wish to bring in customers and grow your business, read on to see ways in which you can build a tangible Content Marketing Strategy.

Write Down Everything

Yes, pen down everything under the sun no matter how minute the detail or how unnecessary it may sound at present. Even for people that keep meticulous documentation, do not oversee little details and write down everything about your Content Marketing Strategy.

You might be wondering why I am stressing on this seemingly trivial detail; well, it’s because we often tend to overlook small things like keyword and content topics in the long run.

Documenting everything not only comes in handy in times of crisis but also acts as a major boost to your goals and ideas. While these documents are also easy to circulate in the team, you can turn to them for motivation and reassessment in difficult times.

And ultimately, a time will come when you will get onto the automation mode and master the art of a good Content Marketing Strategy. A software/app like Trello or Freedcamp helps out to organize deets.

Know Thy Audience

A good Content Marketing Strategy doesn’t just mean curating text and filling pages, it also means generating quality content that stands relevant currently. One of the most basic principles of a successful content-driven marketing strategy is knowing your audience and offering content that fulfills their needs. Content outreach apps and software goes a long way to organize this.

After relevance, comes compelling quality content that has an ability to strike the emotional chord of the reader. But in order to do so, you must first have a piece of in-depth knowledge about who your audience is, what they want, and how to keep them engaged and asking for more. And this information isn’t hard to get. Plug into your researching abilities like a ninja!

Once you have the data in hand, segregating this audience into groups and sub-groups based on their location, gender, interests, etc will help you further understand what they want. This piece of information can then be used to cater to their needs and in return see your business flourish like never before.

Your Brand Story

I cannot really begin to stress the importance of this! It is vital for any business to have clarity on what they wish to offer to people, how they want to communicate this, and how they are better than the rest who have similar services to offer.

And this clarity shouldn’t only be limited to the end-user but is of utmost importance to the organization itself. Until your team doesn’t fully understand and comprehend your idea, your story, how do you expect them to deliver as per the plan?

Consumers are smart – they will readily give up on a brand that they fail to relate to and switch to something with an emotional connect. Hence adding brand value to your business is imperative.

Well Defined Roadmap and Clear Goals

Before you embark on this new journey, know what you’re looking for. Having a defined plan and clear goals will help you attain long term success in a short span of time. For starters, it is advisable that you know the kind of audience you are targeting and the results that you are expecting.

Do you simply wish to gain fan-following, or are you looking at impressive page numbers on your website? I would focus on a content-driven strategy that focuses largely on conversions, and that your CROs are maximized for impressive ROIs

Answer questions like these for a better understanding and chalk out a plan accordingly. Once this is done, start concentrating on the type of content that is more likely to attract greater numbers of followers.

Variety in Content Types

Almost everyone is a blogger these days. From penning down their daily routine in a journal-like format to sharing travel experiences after an adrenaline-filled vacation, blogs are the ‘in’ thing today. However, limiting yourself to only these won’t necessarily be ideal.

Furthermore, while blogging is an easy thing to do, it might not always yield desired results. Broaden your content horizons and explore other options available in Content Marketing Strategies. Infographics, e-books, videos, case studies, slideshows – there are umpteen options to choose from. Take that extra effort to widen your content mix.

Also, just because you find one content type effective in your business model doesn’t mean you do not experiment with the others. Different content types work differently based on the audience and the platform. Always be open to new ideas and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Create a Schedule

So, by now you know your audience, have prepared a definite roadmap, experimented with different types of content and have a document in hand outlining your Content Marketing Strategy, but is that it? Nope. Consider all that you’ve done as homework; now is the time to finally put your plan to action.

Prepare a schedule, a calendar, and issue it to all the respective departments. If you want your content to be fully operational, then all you need now is a solid editorial calendar that openly announces the day by which your content will be ready for publishing. Be strict about your schedule and ensure that you deliver as per plan.

Take Time to Analyze

Online marketing is about changing trends and it’s imperative you keep pace with it. No matter how busy your day, always take time to sit back and evaluate how successful or not-so-successful your Content Marketing Strategy is.

You’ve got to scrutinize every little detail to understand what works best for your business model so that you can adapt to the changes, if there are any, or stick to what you are currently doing.

For example, if you’ve published some white papers, wouldn’t it help to know the source of traffic for that particular section and see if you can expand that area? Conversely, if there are few takers for this segment wouldn’t you want to replace it with something more interesting?

With features like Google Analytics, Google Trends and a host of other metrics analysis, you’ll be able to get into newer space and know more about what really sells.

Further breaking it down for your better understanding:

  • If you have been actively using social media for online marketing or your services or products, try and study the type of content that gets most engagement in terms of likes, retweets, and shares.
    If you do this, you’ll be able to understand and connect with your readers and positively offer content of their choice.
  • Study and analyze the true source of the traffic to your website. Whether it is from social media, blogs or from search engines, design a content marketing strategy keeping that in mind. Make an investment in that particular segment and see your business flourish like never before.
  • Blindly investing in Content Marketing Strategies without being able to determine whether or not it is yielding any result too is futile.
    Read through the numbers to see if your current strategy is at par with the market and tweak it if required.
    While a good content strategy is sure to get you the desired results, you need to closely watch what is truly working for your business model and what is not.

And all this is not IT. Besides some ways mentioned above, you will find several other methods to collect data on your content marketing strategy efforts.

For instance, A/B testing is a sure-fire way to know how people are using your webpages and what is holding them there for long. This information can eventually be used to design a content strategy around their interest subjects.

While I have laid down a basic plan for an effective content marketing strategy here, you can certainly put to use whatever works best for you.

However, to start with, if you follow these things, you’ll be covered for good.

As an end note, remember that sticking to one strategy for too long could be hazardous for your business. As a good marketing professional, you must understand that these strategies need to evolve with time.

Your present content marketing strategy might be working too well for you, but it shouldn’t be something set in stone. Online marketing is all about trends and trends change every hour, every second of the day.

Know this: updating an existing strong content marketing strategy is just as important as preparing one.

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