Learning the Commandments of Customer Service

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There are scores of books and white papers, presentations, discussions and what not; all on the same theme “What is Customer Service?” Here is what Customer Service is actually about in simple, straight forward layman terms.

Know Thy Service.

The 1st rule of “GOOD” Customer Service is that an agent must be service centric. He or she has to know the Customer’s requirements and since a Customer will probably have some issue, he must know what his company offers. He must also know the laws that govern his company, the by-laws, and the oh-so-important “Conditions apply*” tag.

Know Thy Customer.

Who is the person you’re talking, mailing, chatting to? Not just what is there in your database but YOUR knowledge of him?  How many queries has he had in the past? What kind of questions does he generally come up with? What kind of replies has he not understood? It’s just not about writing a fixed “template” reply and getting it done. You are talking to a real person. Treat him like one.

Know Thy Process.

A customer service agent must know how to go about his work. It’s imperative that it is done in a proper manner as if the agent makes a mistake it can have not-so-good consequences for the entire company as well. He must not forget that though he’s trying to help out a customer, an informal or excessively informative reply is not really a proper way of doing things.

Know Thy SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Time is not a luxury we have. An agent’s job is to make sure that his “help” must be given when its required. The SLA here is of paramount importance as the issue must be addressed when it’s still fresh in the mind of the customer. Or else he will go to the competition.

 Know Thy Limitations.

This is important to understand when a particular customer query has to be escalated. Not everything can be handled by an agent and not everything can be answered. Escalate things when they are beyond your call or control.

Know Thy Quality.

The quality of Service determines your goodwill. How good are you at making sure that the customer doesn’t have any further issues once you’re done replying to him and further how do you ensure that you have answered not just his query but also the ones which will come post his reading your mail? The goal here is to make sure that once he mails you, your reply must satisfy him completely.


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