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Poker Marketing is cache. Marketing your card room or online gaming website or business isn’t every person’s cup of tea. Unless you have a pre-existing starving crowd, you can have the best card room or casino and still sell zilch. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is to come up with a real quick fix poker room – preferably the cheapest solution that they can find, and then have problems figuring out exactly who to sell the card room to, because there aren’t really many takers for a substandard product. You cannot sell something that you think people need. No one really needs anything other than a roof over one’s head, some food, water and fresh air. Anything else doesn’t really qualify as a need, so if your product/card room is not in any of those categories, it’ll be prudent to do market research to have a good gauge of how well your card room will sell before you even create it.

Poker Marketing and Advertising 

On the other hand, we are quickly evolving from a digital world where information was THE marketable commodity to a communications market, where new methods of communicating, networking and socializing are being introduced on a rapid-fire basis and are the new consumers of online attention and time. It doesn’t matter if you have a killer card room or a fantastically designed game room, if people don’t know that you exist, it doesn’t matter, and you are not going to make it big.

I tell that to all my customers: there are two main barriers to entry here – technology and money. You can solve the tech problem by marrying someone like us, but how are you gonna solve the money issue – the marketing spend? You do need moolah to market your card room. And I mean real moolah, not get a ready-made player base from somewhere or an email database; that simply doesn’t work. The marketing required for assured success in this industry involves hundreds of thousands and even more. This is a necessary requisite as you can see there have been several poker rooms launched so far but a limited few which have achieved success.

My mantra for marketing spend is simple: one-third each towards online marketing, affiliate marketing and offline (above-the-line) marketing. With this, you have things pretty much covered. Look, I entered this business from the other side of it – the player’s side. I don’t really care for fancy nonsense; my requirements are pretty easy if you look at it from my side: I need a good card room with a decent software and workable promotions. I don’t give a damn to rake back, but I do require a standard 100% or thereabouts sign-up bonus and a pat on the back “refer a friend” bonus when I refer one. I need deposits and payouts to work well, and timely and I need a good game with like-minded people. I care a lot about the social aspects of gaming, and I will always endorse a product that I use myself.

Poker Marketing

Your player, me, is selfish; and rightly so. He or she won’t act easily.
You have to offer an ethical bribe to encourage action.
Give me a good card room to play on and I will play on it.
Give me a good card room to market and I will market it.
The rules in poker marketing will work in only one way: Keeping it Straight. And Simple!

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