“Strategic Plan” to Win at Poker!

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I had a funny thought once: How would it go if the owners of the top 10 poker sites in the world sat down and played at the same table?

In my experience I have run across many gaming and otherwise business owners that are terrible poker players. You could say in one breath that there are a group of them just out for a night of fun; though in the same token, there are many of these business owners that do play poker on a regular basis and still don’t get the hang of the game, thus making many mistakes.

Being a business owner and a recreational poker player on my time, I often think of adding as much of my learning and background to my poker as I possibly can.

This, I believe, is a key to my winning more often than not. As a business owner you’re of course obligated to make a strategic plan for the company – a business plan, a marketing plan, a sales plan, a financial plan and….oh so many of them!

A lot of business owners who are also poker players are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they often lose sight of their ultimate objective.

That is why a preparation of a strategic plan to win at poker is a virtual necessity. This may not be a recipe for success, but without a plan success is pretty much not going to come your way.

As an example, compare the process of planning a vacation (where, when, duration, budget, who goes, how to travel are all strategic issues) with the final preparations (tasks, deadlines, funding, weather, packing, transport and so on).

A satisfactory strategic plan must be realistic and attainable, because having a plan makes you able to stick to it when you are on one of those big losing streaks or you’re not on the top of your game.

As developing a strategic plan, it is desirable to clearly identify your current status, objectives and strategies. Identify possible strategies by building on strengths, resolving weaknesses, exploiting opportunities and avoiding threats.

You may design your plan however you please, and put any rules you so wish into it.

You may modify it as time goes by, but don’t change your rules so lightly. Remember that the reason you want a plan to begin with is so you don’t do something that you’re not “required” to do, like sitting down at a table that’s way over your head and the amount of money being risked is not sufficient to your bankroll.

This is a clear rule that should be implemented without thought, because chasing money to cover up those losses is inexcusable. And stupid!

Remember, a key factor when making such a strategic plan for playing to win at poker, you’re gambling with your hard earned cash and you do not want to give it back so easy.


Trish Kunath

Business Head at Technopolis LLC, a Florida-based Ecommerce & Gaming Software Technology company that specializes in the development of Ecommerce Marketplaces & Skill Games Software. I help build & promote our Ecommerce marketplaces and my Online Gaming clients with their turnkey online skill gaming business ventures. In my spare time, I guest post on some top poker, gaming, lifestyle websites and my own blog: www.trishkunath.com

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