The 8 Fashion Blogger Instagram Accounts To Follow

Instagram Fashion Accounts

Today more than ever before, more women are opening and following fashion blogger Instagram accounts for beauty and fashion tips. This is where they get advice on the right style. Fashion bloggers have taken advantage of this increasing thirst to share their fashion tricks and tips.  

Women and girls have over the years turned to fashion bloggers for guidance.  However, most women and girls do not know where to start. What they should know is that there are numerous reputable fashion bloggers Instagram accounts that they can follow. Carrying out enough research will tell them who the best bloggers are.

 There following are fashion blogger Instagram accounts bloggers that you should consider following if you have not already added them to your radar.  They have a lot to offer on fashion. They have minimalistic tendencies. They are vintage loving beauties that you can add to your list. For day to day beauty and style inspiration, you should consider following these fashion blogger Instagram accounts.

  1. Chiara Ferragni

Top on the list of the 8 fashion blogger Instagram accounts to follow is Chiara Ferragni. This one is considered the blonde salad with more than 5.6 million Instagram followers and 1.2 million facebook likes. Her fashion blogger Instagram accounts are a very popular website in both Italy her native country and in the US.

  • Aimme Song

This interior designer has fashion blogger Instagram accounts that have a lot to offer. This blogger who have risen to celebrity statues has a sense of style that is approachable. She has 3.4 million followers on Instagram.  Her followers are admirers of her jewelry and apparel lines.

  • Kristina Bazan

This Swiss blogger has more than 2.3 million followers on the fashion blogger Instagram accounts.

  • Julia Engel

This 23 year old launched her blog in the year 2013. Her fashion blogger Instagram accounts show a girl whose fashion is feminine, has the looks and one who is pretty. That is why she has a large following in Instagram, Pinterest and also in her website.

  • Wendy Nguyen

As is evident through her fashion blogger Instagram accounts this is a force to reckon with. She has remained faithful to her fashion by posting outfit photos several times a week.

  • Julie Sarinana

This is a 29 year old whose fashion blogger Instagram accounts boots of a 3.4 million following. Her Pinterest account is also popular. This fashion blogger has an accessible casual style.

  • Blair Eadie

This director of merchandising has a wide following in her fashion blogger Instagram accounts. She is one of those you should consider following. She has a true passion of merchandising. This is what she believes in.

  • Chriselle Lim

The other fashion blogger Instagram accounts you should consider following is that of Chriselle Lim. She is a stylist who has taste. This is an influential blogger who attracts impressive traffic. She blogs about fashion; the same ways she does about interior design and beauty.

Before you become a blogger or follow a blogger, think about the community.  Different communities have different effects. There are those that have negative effects while others have positive effects. The fashion bloggers are digital influencers who run multi-million businesses. Their personal style fashion blogger Instagram accounts and blogs take all the credit.

When determining the best fashion blogger Instagram accounts to follow; take into consideration one’s engagement and followers in the various social media platforms. These include Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Also consider the flow of traffic in their website.  You can also take into account their brand extensions, Google news searches and the “it” factor.


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