The Modern Essentials of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Trish Kunath

Inbound marketing is all about reaching the right audience with the right content at the right time. However there are no shortcuts that can guarantee you success in this field. These techniques must be made a part of your everyday marketing strategy in order to get desired results.

Inbound Marketing is certainly a great way to get better leads and hence is worth a try. Gone are the days when you had to market your product or service at a store, for people to visit and see. Or when you had to campaign door-to-door to either sell or inform people about it. The rules of marketing have taken a drastic turn today. It’s time to seize the opportunity and know the modern rules of Inbound Marketing.

 Quality content

The world has woken up to this marketing strategy and it’s almost a content jungle out there. So what is it that you do to make your business stand out from the rest? The key is compelling content creation; content that your followers/ fans or your target market, readily share with their mates, content that can touch an emotional chord in the reader, content that is original and entertaining. With so much content available online, your audience is desperate to find something that hasn’t been written/ read before, something that doesn’t only sell your message but also engage them in some way or the other.  

It’s understandable that you cannot make content available simply for the pleasure of your audience but that’s where the challenge lies. Create content that gives out your sales message with subtlety.

Don’t preach, say it instead

Rather than having content that is ready to fight your competitors, try and give out a message in a conversational manner. Add a human touch and do not make it a one-way dialogue, instead keep it open. Show your followers and customers that you care about what they think, ask them questions and seek answers. Interaction is the best way of selling. And if you really wish to have an edge over your competitors, then an engaging feed is all that you truly need.

Making proper use of calls to action

Now that you have attracted visitors to your website, they need a way to easily navigate through the pages and locate the information that they are looking for with as much ease as possible. Calls to action will act as a signpost for visitors, assisting them in finding key information that will determine their decision to buy a product.  

The 8-second-rule

A customer’s attention span is limited to around 8 seconds – you either work your magic in this time or let the visitor leave to never return. No one has the time or the patience to spend their leisurely time on your website struggling to get what they need. Chances are that your heavily worded website or a social media post will fail to engage the visitor who will find his pleasure in a beautiful visual in your competitor’s site. Since on-the-go lifestyles are the norm these days, the time deprived user who had in some way landed on your website will vouch to never return if you do not engage them with interesting matter and appealing visuals. In that 8-second attention span!


Inbound Marketing is not an easy concept to master, and to utilise it to the fullest, ensure that your team is clued up on analytics, experience and digital know-how. Moreover, your team must be aware of your marketing goals, the strategy and the tactics that you wish to achieve and implement so that everyone’s efforts are channelized towards a common objective.

Speak out  

The Modern Rules of Inbound Marketing have a lot to do with interaction. While we have already told you that listening to your customers’ opinion is essential, know that they would want the same from you too. So, always feel free to post your personal comments and respond to posts that invite questions from readers.  

Having read through some fresh rules of Inbound Marketing, it’s now time to take a break from your present plan and try these out. Making some modifications or updating your current inbound marketing strategy is sure to get you success in the long run.


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  1. I love that “8-second rule”. I have never heard it explained but it makes perfect sense. It is so true. Using myself as a comparison: I don’t even have the patience to wait for the microwave to finish 10 seconds. LOL.

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