The Poker Pigeon…

Poker Pigeon trish kunath

Heard of the “pigeon”?

In poker parlance it means “a terrible player.” When these poker players are at the table you stay longer than you originally planned. She or he is about to drop their money and all it takes is for you to be there to pick it up!

The next day you wake up and you’re tired at work, but you don’t really care. That smile on your face is a little bigger and so is your wallet due to the money you’ve stuffed into it from the night before. In today’s world of advanced technology, I’ve found that I’m able to make more money playing poker online rather than in casinos!

Bottom line, you can beat poker because you’re not playing against casinos but playing a skill game against other live online players.

FATTER Pockets In 10 Days…

If you think I’m kidding you, try me. You may be that skillful genius-at-odds that was made for internet poker or online casino tables. Chris Moneymaker was a total nobody till he won the WSOP through an entry on an online poker room.


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