Training in Risk Management in Poker…

Risk Management in Poker

RISK – The word is well known. It’s used by 1000’s of people a million times. Wiktionary defines it as 
Risk concerns the deviation of one or more results of one or more future events from their expected value. Technically, the value of those results may be positive or negative.”

Think about it. It’s known that risk is everywhere in everything you do. You know that it’s to be analyzed. It’s to be countered. A thoughtful intelligent and knowledgeable decision has to be taken about whether the risk is worth taking. The catch is “do you know exactly what you have to look for?”

I thought I knew what risk was. I was so wrong. The training is just beginning and already my mind is running around looking at everything from a ‘risk’ point of view. It’s like a completely different world which I’m living in.

Driving the bike, crossing the road, talking to people or just sitting here and writing this my mind is filled with what if’s and but also’s. The “response ability” (as my VP likes to say) is also completely new. The “it’s ok” attitude is what has to be thrashed out from the inner most parts of the brain.

Yes, it cannot live and will not be allowed to. “We’ll do it later” is also a threat. Every morsel of slack is barred. That is what wanting to be a risk analyst takes. And this is just the beginning of my training!!!! Everything is a test. Question everything.

To want to live with a philosophy like that is the awesome part of wanting to be a Risk Analyst. It’s not that you can achieve this philosophy by following it in working hours. I’ve come to realize that unless you immerse yourself completely and whole heartedly to the point that every nerve and bone in your body is soaked with that thought you can never achieve the goal of being a risk analyst.

And it doesn’t stop there. As the time in training continues the ‘retention’ of it and the ability to look forward sets in. Knowing the player his mentality his course of action to do fraud, the inherent want to “make a quick buck” and “no one will know, no one is watching” attitude and tackling it before it sets in. That’s what handling risk is all about.

There is money, lots of it and people want it and they can either play and win or try to find loop holes. The latter are the competition. For risk is a game. It goes beyond anything that a newbie like me can comprehend. But that’s the fun part.

As you learn your vision gets broader, as your vision gets broader, your reach increases and on it goes. Just like poker everyone starts as a “fish”. Some stay where they are while others go on to become “sharks” but there are only a handful all over the world that end being the “whales”. They are the “Crème de la crème”. The “BAAPS OF RISK”. That’s what the goal of any trainee is.

The question for me is “Are you willing to go all out no holds barred for that goal? Because that is the only way.” “YES”.

As Einstein maintained that he was “A student of physics” I think that I shall always remain “A student of risk.” THIS ROCKS!!!!


Trish Kunath

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